32-key keyboard mode:  Normal keyboard function.

Under demo mode: 19 demo songs.Each white key plays one demo song.

DEMO: Press button to enter demo mode and press again to stop.

TONE: 4 different Instrument sounds for selections- Piano/ Electric keyboard/ Organ/Guitar

PATTERN: 7 patterns- New Wave, Swing, Waltz, Rock, Disco, Twist, Blues

OKON: One-key-one-note Function key, 4 songs.

EFFECT: 2 sets of sound effect.

◎Bass Drum, Snare, TomTom, Hi-hat.

◎Maracas, Scraper, Tambourine, Castanets.

VOLUME: 3-stage volume control.

Touch Area- Choose sound effect from EFFECT button,

and hit the different four squares to get the corresponding sound and light effect.


【Product Details】
BOX SIZE:48.9×22×4.2CM

4.5V AAA*3