【PE36/PE36Z】Ya! I got It!

Feature of Product
To host matches of random sound card’s game mode, enhance infant auditory and Visual discrimination sensitivity and the ability to practice hand-eye coordination. For card games can be played alone figure words, classification games, promote the language skills.

Design Concept
To listen the sounds, puzzle card games, help children to concentrate and strengthen active motivation to learn, meet the challenge of a sense of achievement. This product can enhance the ability of auditory and Visual discrimination, which help children to learn music, language and science, which is the Foundation of young children learning to read, in recognition of graphical symbols for text symbols should have a full chance to meet before. Addition games through listening, you can enhance children’s sensory perception sensitivity, can foster children feel about the living environment of potentially hazardous and adaptability, so that children learn to protect their own security.

【Product Details】
BOX SIZE:20.9 x 21.2 x 5.4 CM

3V AAA*2