1. 3-postion slide switch
    OFF → Switch off / 1 → Music mode / 2 → Game mode
  2. 8 Keys feature in popping colors and numerical notes with 1 full octave.
  3. LED light
    1. Tap with mallets or press on the 8 colored keys to active corresponding light colors.
    2. Colorful light shines with music while a demo song plays.
  4. Music Button
    1. Playing in Music Mode:
    Press it to play 8 vivid demo songs.
    2.Playing in Game Mode:
    Press it for selecting one of 6 Follow Me demo songs. Press once to start a song and  do again to stop the song.  A complete song plays  right after tapping on all of the correct key notes per the light-up color sequence.
  5. Tone Button
    Playing in Music Mode & Game Mode:
    Press it to switch between glockenspiel and xylophone tones.
  6. Speaker
  7. 2 Mallets


【Product Details】
BOX SIZE:30.1×23.1×4.2CM

3V AAA*2