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About DJ toys...

Company Overview

D.J. Toys Enterprise Corp. is a Taiwan-based toys company. The company, through Lizhen Electronics Co., Ltd., is engaged in product designing, inventing, manufacturing and marketing. By keep exploring our core technologies, sound and lighting application, novel and diversified products are developed yearly. The primary product category is musical items. The full range also includes baby, pre-school and board games. Over time, the company is split into two separately managed segments, DJ TOYS & RUNALAND. The RUNALAND brands focuses on the educational toys bring parent and children playing together. Since 2017, the toys with music learning and creating properties were grouped into one of RUNALAND product family.


Our Advantages

1. The headquarters of DJ Toys is located in Taichung city of Taiwan. It mainly includes R & D, Sales, marketing and management departments. The manufacturing plant is located in Shenzhen city of China.

2. ICTI / GSV / ISO9001 international certified factory.

3. Providing the professional R & D capability and exceptional marketing services. We focus on designing innovative products with integration and application of musical and electronic IC & LED lighting.

4. Providing ODM and OEM services with experienced technical capability to make reliable and quality certified products.

5. Besides complying with European EN and Taiwan ST product safety certification, our in-house testing is also required to achieve advanced-level standards.

6. High standard product quality control and management system.


Our Core Values

1. Keep creating the new value with strong benefit

2. keep attaining & progressing the competitive price

3. keep bringing more joy and happiness to the world


Our Mission:

Our aim is to make toys which are appropriately designed to help child’s both physical and

mental development at early stage. We design toys to help parents and child enjoy

playtime together as one western saying ″ A Family That Play Together Stays Together ″.


Core Benefits of Products: Just play, be simply happy. Experience the fun together.